A Company with High Credibility

Years of Experience

A 23 years old European company with offices in Rome and Malta, Italy. They have a strong liquidity and more than 165.000 registered and returning customers.

Top Service

Their service is offered worldwide with information in multiple languages and a super-fast online customer service.

Partners and Contracts

Partners such as illycaffe, Marriott, Costa, Crociera etc. and contracts with more than 175 big advertisers such as Qatar Airlines, Chanel, Dior, Rolex, Apple, Zara, Nike, Puma, Nikon, BMW, Tesla etc.


Gitte Egeberg, 26

“This is the place, where all your dreams come true! A place, where you can easily earn money online with just a small, daily effort and a place, which makes travelling so much cheaper – all in one! In time, it will give me financial freedom to do, what I’d like to do whenever and wherever, and I can’t wait!”


Asbjoern Thorup, 20

“Earn money every 30 minutes by watching ads only 5 minutes a day? Its easy, simple and fun. What’s not to like?”


Dorte Gregersen, 56

“I’m really happy being a member of this company, it is a great feeling earning money this way. The advertisements are so good that I actually sometimes not only watch the 20 seconds of each ad but watch them all the way to the end.”


About Me

Camilla Bro, Denmark

I will be studying veterinary medicine in Copenhagen University in September 2017. I love to travel; I traveled the world for 6 month in 2016. I love being active, challenges and new experience. I have always had lots of dreams and while searching for a way to achieve them I got into online business. Ever since I have not been looking back - I know in my heart I have found my way and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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